Parkly uses image sensors to capture live video streams from outdoor parking spaces. The video streams are then analyzed using  machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to determine the occupancy of parking spaces. The analysis is intentionally done at the edge to reserve network resources. In contrast to other technologies used to determine parking space occupancy, Parkly stands out as an innovative and robust technology able to provide extremely accurate results with lower cost of deployment.

Parking Occupancy Technologies

Ground Sensors

Fixed sensors mounted in proximity of the parking spots

High accuracy and average reliability needing continuous maintenance

High Deployment and maintenance costs


Sensors connect to cars and collect data while cars are moving

Low accuracy and reliability depending on probabilistic methods

Very low deployment cost depending on moving cars

Image Sensors

Parking spot occupancy is determined from static images

High accuracy and low reliability

Low deployment cost using existing surveillance camera


Parking spot occupancy is determined using video-based technology

High accuracy and reliability using ML techniques

Low Deployment Cost

Grid Comparison